The Cockeyed Precision of Time

The Cockeyed Precision of Time by Linda Back McKayThe Cockeyed Precision of Time is a compelling collection of poetry and fine art photography that examines various aspects of time as a way of making sense of our own lives.

The photographs, in stunning black and white, reflect the poems as images and are the work of Lenny Zimmerman of Puyallup, Washington.



McKay gloriously shows us her way, from the height of the moon, ‘milky monster we used to believe in,’ down to the world’s ‘dappled ponies with kind eyes’ and even deeper, ‘the oak tree with its network of history/curled under the earth.’ – Sharon Sharon Chmielarz, author of “The Rhubarb King

These wise and memorable poems are as beautifully faceted as a cut glass bowl filled with the light of a sun that rises and riotously sets on lives led with generosity and the power of conviction. They may well become every reader’s personal deja vu. – Carol Connolly, Poet Laureate of St. Paul, Minnesota

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