Linda Back McKay works with writers of all ages and levels — at the Loft Literary Center and as an artist in residence at schools and conferences.

Your class was so helpful for me. I really enjoyed it and your notes were invaluable. I was especially amazed at how you were able to hone in so quickly on the meat of my memoir piece. Thanks for teaching it with such a personal touch.”  – Brad Birkeland

“The class was great. Even better than swim team!” – Kyle H. 4th grade

“I really got my mind into poetry. It helps me with my school subjects, too.” – Makayle S., 8th grade

“They’ll remember this for the rest of their lives. – MaryBeth, classroom teacher

Contact Linda Back McKay to lead private and public writing workshops and classes or join one of her classes at The Loft.

Self publishing my chapbook was the greatest gift I’ve ever given myself. Your class turned my life around and gave me a self-confidence that I never had before. When blessings are counted this Thursday, (Thanksgiving) you will be among mine.  -Judy Kirk

What types of classes interest you? Poetry? Prose? Multi Genre? Self-Publishing?

Surely you enabled us to achieve beyond our hopes, so many participants expressed that as we wandered out in our euphoria.  -Will Fisher

Why not have a little fun with our writing? After all, writers don’t have to bleed all the time.

It was my first poetry class, my first writing class. Scary and invigorating. I love how you throw things at us to stimulate us, rouse us and urge us to just do it!  -Poldi Gerard

Contact Linda Back McKay with any questions you might have and to explore working together.

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