Linda’s nonfiction books, Shadow Mothers, and Out of the Shadows: Stories of Adoption and Reunion are inspiration for the play “Watermelon Hill,” by Lily Baber Coyle, produced by the History Theatre in St. Paul, Minnesota in 2001 and 2016.

Her poetry collections include The Next Best Thing and Ride That Full Tilt Boogie. Other publication credits: the Saint Paul Almanac, To Sing Along the Way, 33 Minnesota Poets, Water~Stone Review, Adoptive Families of America magazine, Great River Review, White Pelican Review  and others.

In 2014 she won the honor of having her poem, “Carousel,” made into a Motionpoem film and projected across the facade of the St. Paul Union Depot.

Linda can be of service as a writing mentor and editor as well as a featured reader, speaker and facilitator for many types of groups. She has given many interviews and conducted discussions on radio, podcasts and television.

In her advertising and marketing career, Linda served hundreds of clients and has won several awards for her commercial work. She is a longtime volunteer and producer at KFAI Community Radio in Minneapolis, MN and is active at Becketwood Cooperative, where she lives. Linda also dabbles in watercolor painting and enjoys gardening, traveling, playing her ukulele and being rambunctious with her husband David McKay. A big red Harley lives in their garage. Their children include two professors, a high school teacher, a web designer and a social work professional. Grandchildren include six of the most beautiful, kind and gifted children on the planet.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Robert A DuFault said:

    Linda – My first awareness of you was via a short essay that was published in the former Mpls. Star (or Tribune – don’t remember which) before they merged. It was titled “On the Trail” and told of the process of discarding unneeded items in your psychic ‘backpack’, your feet hardening to the trail, your real self finally greeting you, “Welcome Home”. I carried that clipping for years, both as an instruction manual for emptying my own pack, and as support for others in the same fix.

    Years later, I met you in a bookshop and shared my affection for that writing. You seemed a bit embarrassed at the time, having moved beyond that point in your life. However, there are many who have not yet reached that stage and with whom I have, and would, share it.

    Unfortunately, I have lost my copy.

    Would you be willing to share it with me again, with permission to pass it along (with proper credit, of course).

    Robert A DuFault
    (651) 784-7640

  2. Francis Guchone said:

    Linda my name is Fran Guchone. I am the oldest grandchild of Don Cole of Port Gibson New York. He was a founding father in 1936 of the Wayne county motorcycle club of Newark n. Y. I can tell you more than you’ll want to know. My email is F guchone@yahoo.com

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