The subject of writing has inspired some amazing writing. Here are some of my favorites, not in any particular order. Let’s keep adding to the list. Share your favorite quote or short piece about writing in the comment section below. Okay, we’ll make it a contest. The one I like the best gets a free book!


     –Jane Kenyon

A wasp rises to its papery

nest under the eaves

where it daubs

at the gray shape

but seems unable

to enter its own house.

“The poet lights the light and fades away. But the light goes on and on.”

     — Emily Dickenson

“The past is our definition. We may strive, with good reason, to escape it, or to escape what is bad in it, but we will escape it only by adding something better to it.”

     –Wendell Berry

“…the act of writing something captures it in some secure spot of the mind, stops up the holes through which so many of our observations and ideas leak out…”

     –Dorothy Bryant

“A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.”

     –Thomas Mann

“When we read, we start at the beginning and continue until we reach the end. When we write, we start in the middle and fight our way out.”

     –Vicky Karp

“The act of writing is the successive discovery of cumulative epiphanies in the self’s encounter with the world.”

     –William Stafford

“Touching another person’s heart is what poetry is all about.”

     –Ted Kooser


     –Gary Snyder

all you can know about animals as persons.

the names of trees anf flowers and weeds.

the names of stars and the movement of planets

and the moon.

your own six senses, with a watchful elegant mind.